František Karel I. Count Liebsteinský of Kolowrat

This spring, let us remember a great and prominent personage of the Kolowrat family, Count Frantisek Karel I. The month of May this year marks almost 400 years from the birth of this important politician, diplomat and patron. He also passed away in the same month, just short of the age of 80.

On July 20, 1658, Count František Karel I., for his merits and diplomatic service, was promoted to the imperial status of count, along with his brothers, and on November 8, 1660, he also gained the status of Czech count. Additionally, for his merits, he also received the Order of the Golden Fleece on June 12, 1688.

From 1661 to 1667 he was president over appeals, he became chamberlain and privy council, and from 1667 he served as a provincial governor in Moravia. In this office, he achieved considerable success and his term in office of 33 years made him historically the longest performing executive in this office. His office is commemorated by the ceremonial sword of the Moravian governor of the country, which the Count received from Emperor Leopold I, who, among other things, he accompanied to electoral negotiations and subsequently worked in his services.

Count František Karel I., was very enterprising and successful in expanding the family holdings. On his estates, he supported development, both economic and agricultural, as well as construction. In Rychnov nad Kněžnou, for example, he commenced the building of a new baroque chateau. In Deštna in the Orlické Mountains (also known as the Eagle Mountains) in northeastern Bohemia, he established the production of luxury glass, the so-called Kolowrat Crystal.

During his lifetime, he financially supported the Catholic Church, primarily the building of many Church buildings. Thanks to this activity, we can find his crest in many a church.