Jindřich Albrecht Lord of Kolowrat and Krakovec

(mentioned 1479 - 1530)

Governor of Rakovnik region (1502)

The highest judge of feudal court in Bohemia (1500 - 1510)

The only son of Albrecht from Kolowraty (1422 – 1470) and his second wife Barbara from Waldstein (mentioned 1469 – 1482), who was born around year 1459 according to some genealogists.

As an orphan and minor he and his half-sisters were assigned trustee Jindrich a.k.a Čeněk Berka from Dubá. However Čeněk was not a good manager, he neglected Krakovec castle which desolated to the extent that its roof leaked so badly that some of the beams rotted. The turning point came in 1479 when Jindřich Albrecht reached adulthood and took Krakovec and other goods over. The same year he signed 500 sixties to his mother at Krakovec. In 1487 he made bigger enrollment in the same manor of 1250 sixties, half of which belonged to his wife (kateřina from Wartenberg and Blankenstein) and the other half to their eventual children. To avoid potential problems associated with succession in feudal tenure, he asked King Vladislav II. Jagiello to transfer his estate into allodial goods. In 1947 the King granted his wish and released Krakovec of feud. Therefore the castle was erased from feudal records and passed into family possession as a free hereditary property. However, until 16th century one feudal commitment stayed with the castle, which included the obligation of the holder to attend as needed and when impelled to the Křivoklát Castle defence with four lancers.

In 1509 Jindřich Albrecht bought the whole villages Libyně, Lhotsko and Hluboko of Jetřich from Gutštejn. In 1511 he financialy supported the church in Rousínov. In 1509 it is stated that he held the estates of Krakovec, Kolešovice, Vysoká Libyně and Hostouň, which he got in 1497 after the death of Ctibor junior from Volštejn as his cousin, but he later sold it to Kryštof from Gutštejn. In 1522 he i also mentioned as the owner of estates Očihov, Soseň and as the holder of collateral goods of Pochvalov. In 1503 he also bought a house in Loretánská street (today no. 178/11), which he merged with the neighboring house. He also built a brewery below the castle Krakovec.

He married Kateřina from Wartenberg and from Blankenstein (ie. From Stráž and from Blansko) before the year 1483, who is mentioned in the years 1476 until 1487 as the daughter of Jan from Wartenberg and of Anna Dubská. Their marriage was blessed with four daughters (the name of the eldest is unknown, then Žofie, Ludmila and Anna) and three sons (Albrecht, Hynek and Jan).