Krystof Jindrich Lord Kolowrat-Krakowsky

(1549 – June 2nd, 1596)

Governor of Rakovnik region (1562 – 1571)

Son of Albrecht Krakowsky of Kolwraty (1503 – 1542) and Countess Barbora Schlikova (1542 – 1570).

When he reached adulthood, he bought village Křekovice from Zikmund Chmelicky of Chmelice for 242,5 threescores groschens (1553 /54). He also owned the villages Libin and Zdeslav and partly owned Holovous, Kresovice and Hlince.

On May 24th, 1570, he bought Krakov estate from Jan Ujezdsky of Cerveny Ujezd for 1050 threescores groschens. The estate included not only the respective villages, but primarily the Krakovec castle with tavern, three cottages and spa (all by the castle) and then brewery, mill below the castle, meadows, halters, hops, brickyard, three streams and forests around Zhor and Rousinov. So, the Krakovec got back into the hands of Krakowsky of Kolowraty family.

In the years 1570 -1588 Krystof Jindrich therefore owned estates Krakovec, Vsesulov, Sipy and Vysoka Libyne. His financial situation had to deteriorate since he sold Krakovec in 1588 with slightly thinned facilities to imperial councilor Radslav of Vohnice na Teplici and Zahorany (†1619) for 1250 threescores Czech groschens (written to provincial boards on February 11th, 1588).

After the sale, Krystof Jindrich built a fortress in Sipy in 1588 – 1590, where he then settled. He added villages Libyně, Zdeslav, Lhota and Krakov to Sipy and created Sipy estate. In the village Hluboký in the forest called Hlubocko (eight kilometers southeast of Jesenice u Rakovnika), he built sheepfold with cottage, which he named Zeleny dul (Green Mine).

In Vsesulov he retained Lutheran priest, who also worked in Plzen.

Krystof Jindrich Krakowsky of Kolowraty married for the first time before the year 1558 and to Countess Katerina Schlikova (1558 – November 5th, 1582 at Roupov castle, buried in Vsesulov under the figural tombstone). She gave four sons and two daughters to her husband – Albrecht (1558 – 1592), Jan Jindrich (1584 – 1592), Alzbeta (1583 – 1597), Anna Marie (1583 – 1604), Abund (1596 – 1604) and Maxmilian (1596 – 1644). He then married Katerina Tyrovska of Einsiedle(1588 – 1604 in Jesenice), daughter of Jindrich Jr Tyrovsky of Einsiedel on Slabce (†1556) and of Katerina Rzesanska of Kadov. With her he had two more sons and one daughter – Karel (1596 -1628), Bohuslav Jiri (1596 – 1638) and Anna Barbora (1622 – 1666).

When Krystof Jindrich died, he was buried in the Church of St. Martin in Vsesulov, where his figural tombstone is preserved.