Vilém Albrecht II. Count Krakowský of Kolowrat, Baron of Újezd

(Baptized on 4th September 1678 in Prague, died on 21st April 1738 in Vienna)

Chamberlain and Imperial Privy Councillor
Vice-chancellor of the Kingdom of Bohemia (1719–1736)
The Highest Chancellor of the Bohemian Royal Court between 7th January 1736–1738 (de facto since 1734)
3rd user of the monetary fideicomissum
Heir of the House of Jeníšek of Újezd

Count Vilém Albrecht II Krakowský of Kolowrat was the second son of Count Jan František Krakowský of Kolowrat (1650 - 1691) and Countess Eleonora Claudia d'Anquisola (1654 - 1691). Vilém Albrecht had his father's estates of Řídká (nowadays Řitka) and Chyše in use.

On 8th September 1716, he married countess Marie Františka of Wallenstein (1698 - 1782), a daughter of František Karel, the Count of Wallenstein and Marie Ludmila Liebsteinský of Kolowrat. Countess Marie Františka was a lady of the Order of the Starry Cross. From 1720, she possessed the estate of Drahonice and only two years later she acquired the estate of Součice. Count Jan Vilém Albrecht II and Countess Marie Františka had five children: Prokop (1718–1774), Josef (1721–1733), Jan Nepomuk Josef (1722–1775), Vilém (1726–1744) and Alžběta (1728–1815).

Count Vilém Albrecht II was also an heir of the House of Jeníšek of Újezd, which brought him not only property but also a new name and a coat of arms. Jan Josef Adaukt Jeníšek, Baron of Újezd (died 4th January 1728) was the last male member of this family. The Emperor Charles VI therefore awarded the baron an exceptional reprieve so that all his possessions, the family name, and the coat of arms could be inherited by his nephew Count Vilém Albrecht II Krakowský of Kolowrat.

The Count then added the title of Baron of Újezd to his name and enhanced the Krakowský of Kolowrat coat of arms with the coat of arms of the Jeníšeks. As a result, the shield was divided with the original Kolowrat arms in the right field and the Jeníšek arms in the left field. The Jeníšek arms were sable and or divided per bend sinister, featuring a unicorn rampant in inverse colours. The coat of arms was further newly enhanced by two helms; the dexter helm with mantling sable and or and crown or, with a crest of a double-headed Eagle sable with a shield gules and argent and crowned or, and the sinister helm with mantling argent and gules and crown or with a crest of two feathers, argent and gules.

Thanks to this heritage, Count Vilém Albrecht II came to possess the estates of Tochovice, Hradiště, Blovice, Nestražovice, Koupí and Březnice. The Castle of Březnice later became the main seat of his scions whose family lineage is referred to as Březnice lineage. Count Vilém Albrecht II had been the guardian of Jan Josef Jeníšek's granddaughter Marie Anna, named Michnová of Vacínov when married, she was granted one third of the inherited property. Therefore, in 1733, he transferred the Tochovice estate to her possession.

After the death of Count Adam František of Schwarzenberg on 10th June 1732, when the emperor Charles VI accidentally shot him while hunting in Brandýs nad Labem, the guardianship of his underage son Josef I Adam Nepomuk's posessions (1722 - 1782) was granted to Josef I Adam's mother - Eleonore Amalia of Schwarzenberg, born of Lobkowicz. When managing the property, she cooperated with Count Vilém Albrecht II Krakowský of Kolowrat and the president of the Bohemian Chamber, Count František of Sternberg (1860 - 1745), both of whom were granted these positions by the emperor.

From a young age, he worked for the land bureaus in Bohemia and by 1708, he became a member of the board of governors. After that, he was awarded the title of Privy Councillor and Chamberlain and between 1719 and 1736, he worked in the position of the Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Bohemia. In 1734, the emperor Leopold I elevated Count Vilém Albrecht II to the position of the Highest Chancellor of the Bohemian Imperial Court, replacing the current Highest Chancellor, Count František Ferdinand Kinský, who was ill. The Count Kinský was officially terminated from this position in 1735 and Count Vilém Albrecht II was officially confirmed into this position on 7th January 1736, and held the function until his death.

Count Vilém Albrecht II Krakowský of Kolowrat, Baron of Újezd died on 21st April 1738 in Vienna where he was buried in the Augustinian Church, which later became the last resting place of his wife as well.

Marie Františka countess Krakowská of Kolowrat, born of Wallenstein (1698–1782)
Marie Františka countess
Krakowská of Kolowrat,
born of Wallenstein (1698–1782)