Family descendants

Kolowrat Krakowští

When Count Jindřich Kolowrat-Krakowsky (1897-1996) returned to Czechoslovakia after 1989, he was accompanied by his youngest son František Tomáš (1943-2004), who wanted to help his father with the administration of the property returned to the family in the restitution. Appointed as the sole heir, František Tomáš became the new administrator of the family property upon the death of his father.

Count František Tomáš Kolowrat-Krakowsky together with Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowska fulfilled his father’s biggest wish and settled down in his native country. Their son Count Maximilian Alexander was born in 1996, and their daughter Francesca was born two years later.

František Tomáš Kolowrat-Krakowsky died prematurely in 2004. After his death, Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowska became the administrator of the family property. In 2023 their son Maximilian took over the administration.