Albrecht Jindřich Count Krakowský of Kolowrat

(1655 - 5th August 1704)

Chamberlain, Privy Councillor, Guvernor of the Rakovník region
Elevated to Bohemian countship estate (16th October 1700)

Albrecht Jindřich and his brothers inherited the villages of Vysoká Lybině, Lhotka and Zdeslav from their parents - Kryštof Jaroslav Krakowský of Kolowrat (1604 - 1659) and Anna Kateřina Kaplířová of Sulevice (1617 - 1693). In 1660, due to disagreements among the siblings, the estate of Vysoká Libyně was sold to Anna Alžběta (Eliška) of Mettich for 17.440 Meissen schocks. It was Anna Alžběta who became the first wife of Albrecht Jindřich. They had three children: Franiška Antonie (born 1665), Karel Antonín (died 1682) and Anna Isabela (1674 - 1691).

In her last will from 1665, Anna Alžběta bequeathed Vysoká Lybině to her husband and thus Albrecht Jindřich became the only owner of the estate. Between 1665 and 1680, on the grounds of an old fortress, he had a Baroque manor built, and designated it the seat of the regional hetman. For unknown reasons, Count Albrecht Jindřich sold Vysoká Libyně in 1700 for 152.000 guldens to Karel Maxmilian Příchovský of Příchovice and, around the year 1674, he established a homestead on the grounds of an abandoned village of Hluboký. By the year 1686, he also became a proprietor of the village of Velhartice.

A year after Anna's death, he married Apolonia Polyxena Krakowský of Kolowrat and together they had two daughters, Ludmila Františka and Maria Theresia. Unfortunately, both girls died in 1678. Thanks to this second wife, Count Albrecht Jindřich came to possess the estate of Řitka (previously Řídka) by Zbraslav (now a part of Prague).

In 1680, an uprising against Albrecht Jindřich broke out, due to his harsh and strict practices with his subjects. This uprising was suppressed by a military intervention, and the rebels were tried at the court of Vysoká Libyně Manor. To acknowledge his good services, King Leopold I elevated Albrecht Jindřich on 16th October 1700 to the Bohemian estate of countship. Since all his children had already died, the title of count was, sadly, not passed to further generations. Count Albrecht Jindřich Krakowský of Kolowrat died on 5th August 1704 and was buried in Prague.