Leopold Filip Kolowrat-Krakowský
Leopold Filip Kolowrat-Krakowský
Leopold Filip Kolowrat-Krakowský
Leopold Filip Kolowrat-Krakowský
Nadine Huppmann-Valbella
Nadine Huppmann-Valbella

Leopold Filip Count Kolowrat-Krakowský

March 14, 1852 – March 19, 1910

Lieutenant in reserve
member of the Imperial Council and the Czech Parliament
Knight of the Order of the Iron Crown II. class
Co-founder of AIACR (today’s FIA)
Vice president of the Austrian Auto Club
Shareholder of L&K
Holder of the Krakowský and Nowohradský entailed estate

Leopold Filip Kolowrat-Krakowski, member of the Imperial Council and the Czech Parliament, Knight of the Order of the Iron Crown II. class and lieutenant in the Dragoons regiment took over the management of the family property in the second half of the 19th century. In addition to the property in Teinitzl, Meierhöfen and Vienna, after the death of Jan Nepomuk Karl, called Hanuš Krakowský of Kolowrat (1794-1872), and from Jindřich Krakowský of Kolowrat (1826-1904), he inherited the Novohradský entailed estate - the estates of Přimda and Košátky and the majorat of Krakowský - the estates of Týnec and Běšin, and the respective palaces in Prague. Count Leopold particularly dedicated a great amount of his attention to the Týnecký and Velkodvorský manors.

After an unfortunate pistol duel on May 6, 1876, in which Count Leopold Filip shot Vilém Count of Auersperg (1854–1876), he fled to Russia. The apple of contention was the beautiful countess Anna of Waldstein-Wartenberg (1853–1903). This was the last duel between aristocrats in the territory of the monarchy. After receiving Imperial pardon, he returned to Vienna, where he became acquainted with the family of tobacco magnate Joseph von Huppmann-Valbella, who was one of the richest men of the time. Huppmann-Valbella co-founded the America Tobacco Company in New Jersey, which later evolved into the world-renowned brands like Philip Morris and Marlboro.

In the United States, Count Leopold Filip, on March 18, 1884, married Baroness Nadine von Huppmann-Valbella (August 6, 1858 – July 30, 1942), and returned with her to Austria-Hungary where they moved into the chateau in Týnec.

At their estate in Týnec, the spouses, Leopold and Nadine, introduced progressive farming methods, drained wetlands, regularly fertilized soil, expanded the production of lime at the Loreto quarry and increased the production of bricks in Vacovy. Count Leopold Filip also excelled as an agent of agrarian interests at world economic congresses, at the Imperial Council and in the German section of the Agricultural Council, where he represented the Czech Central Economic Society in committee.

In 1902 Count Leopold Filip bought the first car in the entire Klatovy region. On June 10, 1904, he was a member of the committee in Paris, which founded the International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs (Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus – AIACR), the forerunner of today’s FIA. He was also one of the first shareholders of Laurin and Klement, from 1907.

Nadine bore Leopold a total of 7 children. However, 3 of these children died while still in early childhood. Only four survived into adulthood – the firstborn Alexander (1886–1927), who became an important auto racer and film producer. Berta Jindriska (1890-1982), who married Jerome of Count Colloredo-Mannsfeld, Bedřich Leopold (1893-1920) and the youngest, Jindřich Josef (1897-1996), who became the heir of the family property.