Jan František Count Krakowský of Kolowrat
Jan František Count
Krakowský of Kolowrat

Jan František Count Krakowský of Kolowrat

(2nd July 1649 – 20th October 1723)

Chamberlain and Imperial Privy Councillor
Assessor of the Provincial Tribunal
The Highest Chancellor of the Kingdom of Bohemia
Royal Commissioner
1st user of the monetary fideicommissum

Count Jan František was the only son of Count Vilém Albrecht I Krakowský of Kolowrat (1600 - 1688) and his second wife Countess Anna Katharina of Rozdrazow (1606 - 1652). He was the founder of the Týn lineage, a branch of the Krakowskýs of Kolowrat family tree. Upon his father's death, he, and his sisters Anna Ludmila and Kateřina Barbora inherited a part of the Chlumec pod Kyšperkem and the Žichovice estates. Additionally, on 24th November 1689, he bought the estates of Bílenice, Damíč, and Bukovník for the price of 20.000 Rheinish Guilders, plus 80 Guldens for a keyholding fee, connecting them to the estate of Žichovice. Following the death of his sister Anna Ludmila, he further inherited the estate of Chyše which he grew very fond of, and visited it quite often.

On 22nd July 1675, in the Hofburg in Vienna, he married the countess Eleonora Claudia d'Anquisola (1654 - 1761), a lady of the Order of the Starry Cross and a court lady of the Empress Eleonor of Austria. Their marriage brought altogether eleven children: Leopold Vilém, Vilém Albrecht, Marie Antonie, Marie Ludmila, Ferdinand Alois, Kajetán Norbert, Filip Nerius, Marie Magdalena, Ignác František, Kajetán František and Marie Anna Josefa.

On 20th May 1691, the death of František Ignác ended the House of Rozdrazow. As his closest relative, Jan František became the direct heir of Blatná Manor. Only four years later, however, the manor was sold to countess Ernstina Sérenyi de Kis, born of Löwenstein.

In 1684, Jan František bought a house in Loretánská street (No. 176-IV) in Prague from Count Wenzel Adalbert of Strenberg. After another four years, he also bought a neighbouring house (No. 177–IV), which is nowadays called the Hrzánský Palace. Both buildings were later reconstructed and interconnected, forming one grand palace with a large assembly hall and a private chapel. However, as the Count’s finances took a turn for the worse, the palace fell into bankruptcy, was sold in 1712, and divided amongst the creditors.

Due to these financial troubles, the Count of Kolowrat had to sell off other properties as well. The Žichovice estate, immortalized at the unique Via Sancta, was sold in 1707 to Maria Anna Iselin of Lanou who sold it only two years later to count Philip of Lamberg, the Bishop of Passau. In 1707, Jan František also sold the Chlumec estate to his creditors, which later became the propriety of Count Norbert Leopold Liebsteinský of Kolowrat.

Count Jan Franišek Krakowský of Kolowrat died on 20th October 1723. His last wish was to be buried at his beloved Chyše Estate, whilst his wife, Eleonora Claudia, the Countess of Anquisola, was buried in the Church of St. Benedict in Prague, not far from their palace.

Eleonora Claudie countess Krakowská of Kolowrat, born d´Anquisola (1654–1761)
Eleonora Claudie countess
Krakowská of Kolowrat,
born d´Anquisola (1654–1761)