Krystof Jaroslav Krakowsky of Kolowraty

(mentioned 1604 – 30. 3. 1659)

Imperial Council, Associate of feudal chambre court

Governor of Rakovnik and Zatec regions

Baron, son of Abud Krakowsky of Kolowraty on Sipy (1596 -1604) and of Anna Marie Vchnyska of Vchynice (1604 – after 1619). In 1604 he inherited the Sipy estate together with his brother Jiri Albrecht, which was managed by their mother during their minority. When they reached adulthood, they took the paternal goods and later agreed that each one of them will own half of the estate and fortress.

After 1620 he was not sentenced by the confiscatory commission, but the verdict (dated October 26th, 1623) relieving him of the fine was not announced. Since Krystof Jaroslav mistakenly thought that he was sentenced to fall into vassalage, he accepted by mistake one half of Sipy (Schippen in German) on June 20th, 1626 at estimated cost of 3500 threescore Meissen groschens and he took feudatory vow. The mistake of Sir Krystof Jaroslav was definitely corrected in 1652 when his property became again allodial. On September 24th, 1624 he bought the other half of Sipy estate from his brother for the amount of 3500 threescore Meissen groschens. On Wednesday after St. Matthew in 1630 (not entered until 1631) he ceded the whole Sipy estate, namely Sipy fortress with courtyard, brewery, with malt house and fermenting room, the whole village, mill, pond and forests to his wife Anna Katerina, for which he received in exchange Blesna (Volesna) estate with accessories at Krivoklat region. This was how Sipy estate came out of Krakowsky of Kolowraty family´s hold.

He inherited Vysoka Libyne in 1644 and the same year by Bohuslav Jiri Krakowsky of Kolowraty Drazovice estate as well. But he sold that in 1656 to Marquis Michael Alvernia-Saluzzi di Clavisana (1607-1678), sometimes refered to as Saluzzo de Clavesana. Sir Krystof Jaroslav bought estates Svojetin and Pavlin in 1650. After his death widowed Anna Katerina took over the Olesna estate, but she sold it in 1668 to Countess AnnaZuzana Khunova of Lichtenberg, born of Maggau.

Before his death, he wrote testament in which he endowed his sons with the village of Vysoka Libyne with fortress, courtyard and other accessories and villages Lhota and Zdeslav. But because of disagreements, brothers sold this estate in 1660 to Ana Elsika of Metych (Mettich von Tschetschou) for the amount of 17400 threescore Meissen groschens.

Sir Krystof Jaroslav married Anna Katerina Kaplirova of Sulevice (1617 – June 1st, 1693), daughter of Adam Kaplir of Sulevice and of Ludmila Slovska of Slovice, who died at that time and actually at present as well at an incredibly high age at ninety-nine years. From this marriage, five sons and three daughters were born – Arnost (1649 – 1686), Albrecht Jindrich (1655 – 1704), Eva Eusebie (1636 – 1655), Maxmilian Vaclav (1659 – 1706), Bohuslav Oktavian (1659 – 1663), Alzbeta Katerina (1662 – 1683), Augustin Frantisek (1614 – 1695) and Anna Ludmila (1646 – 1706).

Krystof Jaroslav Krakowsky of Kolowraty also in accordance with family traditions heavily contributed to the Augustinian monastery in Dolni Racov, so the monks could carry out extensive repairs of their dilapidated convent in 1647 until 1648.

This nobleman was put to the eternal rest in tomb (now under carpet) in presbytery of the Carmelite church of St. Havel in Prague´s Old Town and at its north wall, where later his wife joined him by his side. The entry to the crypt is covered with tombstone from 1659 made of marble from Slivenec and provided with Czech text.