Kajetán František Count Krakowský of Kolowrat
Kajetán František Count
Krakowský of Kolowrat

Kajetán František Count Krakowský of Kolowrat

(June 12, 1689 – February 9, 1769)

Chamberlain and Imperial Privy Council
Colonel (1709)
Co-owner and commanding general of Infantry Unit No. 17 (1837)
Officer (January 24,1738)
Lieutenant Field marshal (November 17, 1741)
Commander of the mercenary army and artillery (November 20, 1746/48)
Field marshal and military commander in Moravia (3rd May 1758)
Indigenat in Transylvania and Banat (January 24, 1749)

Kajetán František was the penultimate child and the last son of Jan František Count Krakowski of Kolowrat (1650-1723), the Supreme Chancellor of the Czech Kingdom and Eleonora Claudia Countess d'Anquila (1654-1691). He entered the Order of the Knights of Malta and the Imperial Army to pursue a successful military career. He first became a colonel in 1709. In 1837, he became co-owner of Regiment No. 17, with which he fought in a series of battles, including, for example, Molvic, (Battle of Mollwitz) in Prussian Silesia (April 10, 1741), Hohenfriedberg (June 7, 1745), Štěrbohol (May 6, 1757), Leuthen (December 3, 1757), Jaroměř (August 2, 1758), Hochkirchen (October 10, 1758), Sore (September 2, 1759), Torgau (November 3, 1760) and Svídnice (October 1, 1761).

In 1738, he became an army officer, and three years later a lieutenant field marshal. In this position, he participated in the expulsion of the French from Prague in 1742, and subsequently rode out against Mořic Sasky in 1743 and besieged his garrison in Cheb. Though he did conquer the castle after long and heavy fighting, during the bombing the castle was set alight and the Romanesque palace was destroyed. In the years 1746/48, he was appointed commander of the mercenary army and artillery, and with this rank he then participated in the battles of the Seven Years War (1756-1763). On May 3, 1758, he was achieved the rank of field marshal and became a military commander in Moravia.

Count Kajetán František died in 1769 and was buried in Brno.