Kolowrat Krakowští

Jindřich and František Tomáš Kolowrat-Krakowsky, descendants of the ancient Czech noble family, returned to Czechoslovakia after 1989, to continue the legacy of their ancestors and to administer the family property.

The Kolowrat Houses

The Kolowrat Houses are situated right in the historic centre of Prague and thus provide ideal surroundings for our clients’ activities.



The endowment fund of Maximilian, Francesca and Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowsky continues the patronal tradition of the family.


The Kolowrat Woods

The Kolowrat woods are situated in the heart of the Upper Palatine Forrest. Its proximity to the state border with Germany makes it an ideal resting place, not only after a long journey.


The Riding Club

The Riding club Kolowrat was founded in 2011. Its riders compete in both national and international riding competitions.