Albrecht the younger Lord of Kolowrat

(mentioned 1369 – 1416)

(first mentioned 1369 until 1413 or 1416)

Vice tax collector for the Pilsen Region (1380)
Governor of Vogtland (1383–1392)
Governor of Loket Region (1405–1412)
Associate of the Provincial and Feudal Court (on the cusp of the 14th and 15th centuries)
Judge of the Capital Court of the Pilsen and Žatec Regions

We do not know when and where the son of Albrecht the older of Kolowraty (†1391) and Anna of Seeberg was born. His name appears for the first time in charter dated 1369 where he is listed as co-benefactor of church in Rocov. He is also mentioned in year 1379 as tax-collector in Pilsen region and in 1380 as co-founder of Augustinian monastery in Dolni Rocov. Between 1383 and 1392 he was, like his father before him, the governor (provincial administrator) in Vogtland in Saxony. He held the position of governor in years 1405 until 1412 in Loket region.

At the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries he worked as an assessor at municipal and feudal court. He was also a judge at capital court for Pilsen and Zatec regions.

After his father´s death he became a master of the Krašov castle near Krakovice. However, as of 1396 he was also at Kolešovice and at Libštejn Castles which were obtained for Kolowrats by his father in 1379. Since 1397 he is mentioned at Bezděkov as well. In 1413 he became a master at Jezeří.

He also resided in Hradiste, in Kozojedy and in Milicov where he was the patron of local churches. He was also patron in Obora (1405) and in Albrechtice (1410).

Albrecht the younger of Kolowraty was married to Katerina Tistava of Hedcany who was most probably daughter of founder and builder of Libštejn castle Oldrich Tista of Hedcany (†1379). Together they had sons Bedrich ((†1432 in Libstejn), Hanus I. (already dead in 1453) and probably Jan as well (mentioned 1416–1418), the master of Bezdekov and Kolosovice from whom the direct sequence of Lords and later the Counts Krakowsky of Kolowraty is leading.

Albrecht the younger of Kolowraty thus became the ancestor of Libstejnsky line and most probably of Krakowsky line as well.