Albrecht Lord of Kolowrat

(mentioned 1503 – 1542)

Governor of Rakovník region (1540 - 1541, according to A. Sedláček 1531 - 1542)

The eldest son of Albrecht of Kolowrat (+1530) and Catherine of Wartenberg and Blankenstein. He inherited his father together with his brothers John and Hynek part Krakovec. In 1541 is cited as the lord of Kolešovice, Všesulov, arrows and Slabce, then the Rousínov, High Libyně and Dolany. At his own expense, was built around 1530 stone fortress in Podmokly (southwest Křivoklátu).

On August 10th, 1530 the inherited wealth was split between brothers, while Albrecht received Libyně, Krakov, Všesulov and Šípy (10 km east of Krakovec), Slabce, Rousínov, Bělbožice and two barren fields in Holovousy with Dolanský dvůr in Všesulov (12 km southwest of Rakovník).

Krakovec castle remained in the possession of all three brothers and each inhabited different part. However, in 1537 disputes began arising between them and ended on May 26th, 1538 when Albrecht left his part of the Krakovec castle with brewery, bakeries, tavern, garden, some woods and pond from which the water went to the castle to his brother Jan, who in Exchange gave him his parts of forests bordering with Albrecht´s forests. Albrecht hen left Krakovec and moved with the whole family to Všesulov, where he had a fortress built (it was mentioned for the first time in 1542) and created center of his new manor.

Sometime prior to year 1542 Sir Albrecht married Countess Barbora Schliková (1542 – 13.5.1570), daughter of Count Mikuláš Schlik and Barbora Schenková von Trautenberg. Son Kryštof Jindřich (+2. 6. 1596) and perhaps even Bernard (+18. 1. 1576) and daughter Kateřina (+8. 11. 1581) were born from this marriage.

Sir Albrecht died in 1542 and was buried in St.Martin´s church in Všesulov, where his wife and later his children were buried as well. This temple then became the burial place of this Krakowský from Kolowraty family line for longer period of time. Five renaissance stone figural tombstones of Krakowský from Kolowraty from years 1575, 1576, 1582, 1592 and 1596. Widow Barbora then ruled on Všesulov until her son Kryštof Jindřich´s coming of age.