Jan Lord Kolowrat-Krakowsky

(mentioned 1530 – 1555)

Governor of Rakovnik region (1537 - 1547)

Son of Jindřich Albrecht from Kolowraty and from Krakovec (1479 – 1530) and of Kateřina from Wartenberg and from Blankenstein (1476 – 1487), who was also the coowner of Krakovec.

When dividing the inherited property by his father, he received manors Veclov, Svojetín, očihov, Soseň, Svinařov, Skupá and Zhoř on August 10th, 1530. Further, he owned fortress Podmokly with facilities and Nový mlýn together with his brother Hynek.

When his brother Hynek died (about 1539), Jan from Kolowraty became a guardian for his minor sons Jiří (1538 – 1563) and Vít (1540 – 1567). But Sir Jan was not a good manager and he had to sell few of the manors, that way he impoverished himself and even the orphans who were entrusted to his care. So, first he sold on behalf of himself and his nephews Jiří and Vít the Kolešovice manor to Jeroným Hrobčický from Hrobčice. About the same time he sold his manor Soseň (4km east of Jesenice), because its fortess is mentioned in 1542 as abandoned. In 1544 he sold village Očihov (5km southeast of Podbořany) with fortress and facilities again to sir Jeroným Hrobčický from Hrobčice. Finally, with the contract dated June 9th, 1548, Jan, Jiří and Vít Krakowský from Kolowraty sold villages Skupá, Svinařov, Modřejovice, Podmokly, Studený, Rousínov, yard and fortress Dubňany, barren court in Hlince and especially Krakovec castle with yoke of land for the amount of 3850 sixties of groschens to the Highest justiciary of feudal court Jan Senior from Lobkowicz and of Zbiroh and to his wife Anna, born from Roupov.

This way, the Krakowský from Kolowraty branch was lost for some time. It played similarly important role in the lives of the family members as the bullet on the Albrecht from Kolowraty´s gravestone in the Ročov monastery. You can follow the story here. Krakovec has a very similar story – bell hung above the main gate until the early 19th century. There was saying among people that it starts ringing by itself whenever someone in Kolowrat family dies.

Sometime before the year 1537 sir Jan married Anastasia Plánská from Žeberk (von Seeberg), the daughter of Jan Jindřich Plánský of Žeberk and of Marie Anna from Bernberg. Lady Anastasia is mentioned and documented in evidence between 1537 and 1567. Daughters Zdenka (1533 – 1574) and Marie Anna 1553 – 1558) were born from this marriage.