Prokop Jan Count Krakowský of Kolowrat, Baron of Újezd
Prokop Jan Count Krakowský of Kolowrat,
Baron of Újezd

Prokop Jan Count Krakowský of Kolowrat, Baron of Újezd

(baptized March 13, 1718 – 6. 4. 1774)

Chamberlain and Imperial Privy Council
Supreme feudal judge (1759 - 1760)
Supreme Judge in Bohemia (1760 - 1772)
4th beneficiary of the proceeds of an entailed financial estate

Prokop Jan was the firstborn child to Vilem Albrecht II. Count Krakowsky of Kolowrat (1678-1738) and Mary Františka Countess of Waldstein (1698-1782). From his parents, he inherited a part of Březnice and also the farms of Hradiště, Dešenice, Řitka and Pomsdorf in Silesia.

On January 21, 1741, he married Maria Walburga Josefa, the Countess of Sternberg (baptized on March 14, 1716 - September 3, 1746), lady of the Order of the Star Cross. They had four children together in the marriage: Marie Anna (1742-1808), Marie Františka (1744-1747), Jan Prokop (1748-1771) and Josef Maria (1746-1824).

After he became a widower, Prokop Jan married for the second time. This happened on February 20, 1748, when he married Anne Marketa, Countess of Ogilvy (baptized 26 July 1725 - February 5, 1810), who was also a lady of the Order of the Star Cross. Surprisingly, ten children were born into this marriage: Jan Nepomuk Karel (1748-1816). Wilhelm (1750), Walburg (1751-1794), Václav Josef (1752), Marie Rosina (1754-1844), František (1755), Marie Theresa (1756-1844), Alois Josef (1759–1853), Michael Václav (1760-1778) and Marie Antonie (1763-1842).

In 1788, Anna Marketa bought the house U (zlatého) pštrosa (house of the Golden Ostrich), No. 376-III on the Lesser Side (Mala Strana). Two years later, she additionally purchased the desanctified church of St. Prokop under the pledge to rebuild it to a residential house. Thanks to this rebuilding, the desanctified church is now a classicist structure.

In 1750, Prokop Jan established the main altar in the parish church of St. Nicholas in Dešenice. He also did not overlook the local chateau, which he had reconstructed in the Baroque style, while preserving the Renaissance character of the entire building. He sold the entire Dešenice estate, Janovice and Veselé in 1757 to the empirical Count Karel Josef of Palma, and the lord at Gundelfingen, who connected these properties to his estate with the center in Bystřice nad Úhlavou.

In 1771 he inherited a farm in Čakovice near Prague from Countess Antonia Josefa Schlickova, together with Filip and Jan Nepomucký Kolowrat-Krakowsky. Two years later, they sold this property was sold to the President of the Leopold Court Chamber, Leopold Count Krakowski of Kolowrat.

Count Prokop Jan was buried in Prague while his second wife was buried in Chýše (Hyss), from where her remains were transferred to Blovice in 1823.