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Besides the unique natural monuments and deep forests full of rare species of plants and animals, the region under the ancient Romanesque Přimda Castle also offers many historical places of interest. The noblemen of Kolowraty have been associated with the Přimda region for almost 350 years, and thus their ancient family name can be seen almost everywhere. The noblemen of Kolowraty have built two Baroque residences here, the Velké Dvorce Castle and the hunting lodge Diana. They have also made a significant contribution to the industrial development of the region.

Kolowrat estate in time and dates

Turistické stezky

Hiking Trails

Nature trails in the Upper Palatine Forrest.


Cycle Paths

Network of cycle paths in the Kolowrat part of the Upper Palatine Forrest.

Lovecký zámeček Diana

The Hunting Lodge Diana

A Baroque mansion standing in the middle of an English garden full of rare wood plants.

Kaple sv. Žofie

The Chapel of St. Sophia

A chapel built in honour of Jindřich Kolowrat-Krakowsky’s wife.

Kaplička Panny Marie

The Chapel of Virgin Mary

A chapel standing on the northern hillside below the Přimda Castle.

Hrad Přimda

The Přimda Castle

The second oldest stone castle in Bohemia.

Velké Dvorce

Velké Dvorce

Seat of the film studios of Alexandr Kolowrat-Krakowsky.

Jízda Saši Kolowrata

The Ride of Saša Kolowrat

An annual social and automobile event to honour the memory of Saša Kolowrat.