Administration of the Kolowrat Forests

As a part of the restitution process, substantial portion of original silviculture was returned to Kolowrat-Krakowský´s family property. In 1993 the earl Jindřich Kolowrat-Krakowský together with his son František Tomáš, who returned with him from exile in the U.S., takes on the management of returned forest estate.

Since 1993, under the leadership of earl Jindřich and then František Tomáš, the management of Kolowrat forests starts forming and takes care not only about forests themselves, but also connected fields, meadows, pastures, ponds, orchards and buildings.

Asset management is in the hands of JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowsky, supervising 14 professional forestry staff. These take care of all activities associated with forest management initiatives, from the care of forest stands, valuable natural monuments and reservations, through timber sales, coursing and hunting, to the processing of grants and accounting.


Provozní budovy

The Operating Buildings

Operation buildings for Kolowrat forest management are located in Diana village.