Visit to Silva Regina Fair

On April 1st, 2014, Kolowrat forests employees visited Silva Regina fair with forestry and hunting theme.

Brno Exhibition grounds hosted 4 interconnected fairs on the same date: Silva Regina, Techagro, Animal Vetex and Biomasa and stunned all people interested with its vastness.

What interested us:

From forestry:

  • Developments in wood splitters, whether carried or self-propelled.
  • Presentation of forest maps origin and development.
  • Stand dedicated to forest inventory.
  • Interesting presentation forestry schools
  • Band saw with the option to cut a small amount of lumber needed.
  • Historical chainsaws exhibition.
  • Wooden statues in Stihl Timbersport stand.
  • Logging truck with its own crane and tip-up body from Binderberger.
  • Lumberjack competition at the pavilion Z

From hunting:

  • Exhibition of trophies from Military forests and farms hunting grounds
  • Hunting gear and clothing at attractive prices.
  • Meeting with Karel Borecký, the artistic weapon engraver
  • Life of Professor Hromas exhibition
  • Cutler Jiří Čurda and his talk about the damask blades production.
  • Kolowrat forest indirect advertising in stand of Mikrop Čebín, from whom we buy medicated feed for Diana preserve.


  • Boilers for biomass heating (hay, straw, wood chips) that can heat up even larger objects. The advantage is own production of biomass. Boilers are subsidized.
  • The huge amount of machines and equipment for agriculture from small to professional.

What dissapointed us

  • Small representation of forestry technique compare to agricultural – quite visible where the grants are going.
  • Livestock display with insufficient provision of animal protection and comfort.

In conclusion of brief enumeration of the prevailing positives and minor negatives could be said that the employees particularly appreciated the opportunity to expand their horizons with new knowledge, trends and technology at this professionaly oriented fair. Pleasant side of the matter was a meeting with colleagues and classmates from years of study and possibility to forget about often hectic workdays.