St. Nicholas day brought not only sweets to children in Children´s home in Tachov

The members of The Kolowrátek Endowment Fund board led by JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská visited Children´s home in Tachov, to hand over St. Nicholas packages full of sweets and to spend a pleasant afternoon with children.

Of course, St. Nicholas and devil did not miss out to remind the children that they should be good not only in December when Christmas is getting closer, but all year round. And, because the devil looked really scary, children sometimes with tears in their eyes promised that they will be really good.

During the afternoon children together with their teachers and above-mentioned guests sang Christmas carols. Everything was musically accompanied by clarinet, tambourine, hammers and even bagpipes.

But the whole program had one official part as well. Above-mentioned representatives of The Kolowrátek Endowment Fund came to Children´s home to hand over the check for 60.000 crowns, which joined the check in the amount of 30.000 crowns given earlier.

The total amount of 90.000 crowns was collected at the Hunters´ ball held on November 15th in the hall of former school in Přimda. The ball was organized by The Kolowrat forests employees and they decided that all takings from ticket sales, raffle tickets and auction of moufflon will go through Maxmilian, Francesca and Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowský´s endowment fund called The Kolowrátek to the benefit of Children´s home in Tachov.

The first check in the amount of 30.000 was officially handed over during the mentioned ball. Only few people believed that the amount would be so much higher, which was confirmed by JUDr Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská, who personally handed the check over to Mr. Zdeněk Kropáč, the director of Children´s home. „We are literally delighted by the amount of funds collected just during one single evening. This donation should go to leisure activities for children, such as various activity clubs, trips, stays in the mountains and the like. New tables and chairs for the dining room in Children´s home were also purchased from this funding,“ Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská revealed.

There are only few days left of year 2013 and therefore the representatives of The Kolowrátek Endowment Fund and The Kolowrat forests are making up plans how to support children from Children´s home in Tachov in the following year. Right at the beginning of spring children can look forward to trip to The Kolowrat forests, where foresters and hunters will show them for example how to afforest and what it takes to take care of forests.

Employees of Strom Praha, which represents renowned brand of agricultural, horticultural, municipal and golf equipment John Deere in Czech republic, promised to participate as well. Children will be able to touch some of this equipment and to see how it works in practice.

However, a lot of water will run through the forest streams until then. First, there is a winter ahead of us, which children associate with Christmas and snow fun. Let´s hope that children will, also thanks to the help from The Kolowrátek Endowment Fund, enjoy Christmas more than any time before.