Gamekeeper’s Benefit Ball for the Kolowrátek Endowment Fund

On the last Friday of November, the staff of Kolowratovy lesy, a. s., held the popular, 6th annual, Gamekeeper’s Benefit Ball. The Trumpeters of the Kolowrat Forests opened the evening with a gala fanfare, followed with opening speeches by JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská and Head of Administration of Kolowratovy lesy, a. s., Vladimír Šístek.


Final Concert of the 26th International Music Festival Young Prague

On Sunday, September 24, 2017, the final concert of the 26th International Music Festival Young Prague was held at the Dvořák Hall of the Rudolfinum in Prague, with the participation of chairperson of the Kolowrátek Endowment Fund board of directors, Mrs. JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowska and Mgr. Eliška Barthelemy, member of the Kolowrátek Endowment Fund board.


International Music Festival Young Prague at the Kolowrat Theater

On Monday, September 18, 2017, as part of the International Music Festival Young Prague and with the support of the Kolowrat-Krakowsky family and patronage of the Kolowrátek Endowment Fund, a classical music concert took place at the Kolowrat Theater. Czech pianist Václav Mácha, Slovak flute player Katarina Slavkovska and German pianist Aris Alexander Blettenberg performed classical music masterpieces by Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Jacques Iber and Theobald Boehm.


Invitation to a classical music concert

The International Music Festival Mladá Praha – Young Prague and the Endowment Fund Kolowrátek are pleased to invite you to a concert of classical music that is taking place on September 18th, 2017 at 7PM at the Kolowrat Theatre, in the Kolowrat Palace, 6 Ovocný trh, Prague 1.


Galerie KODL Will Support the Kolowrátek Foundation

A sale exhibition entitled Kodl Contemporary Summer Art Salon is being held at the KODL Gallery on Národní třída No. 7, Prague 1, from June 21, 2017 until September 15, 2017. The mission of the Summer Art Salon is to present the works of award– winning young and middle generation artists, whose painting is the dominant form of artistic expression, to a wider audience. Ondrej Basjuk, Josef Bolf, Martin Krajc, Pavla Malinova, Jakub Spanhel, Adam Štech and Lubomir Typlt have been showing and selling their works.


Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská interview for the Czech & Slovak Leaders

On the origins and traditions, duties and pleasures.


The Fund-raising Gamekeepers’ Ball for the Endowment Fund Kolowratek

On the last Friday in November, at Přimda, the staff of Kolowrat Forests organized the popular Fund-raising Gamekeepers’ Ball once again, now in its 5th year. The festive evening was opened with a fanfare by the Kolowrat Forests trumpeters. The guests were welcomed by JUDr Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowsky and Ing Vladimir Šístek, Head of Kolowrat Forests Management.


The expression of thanks by Miss Carolina Raková for the endowment’s contribution


Your Foundation gave me a sum of money that helped and made possible the purchase of WIDEX hearing aids. I originally wanted to get in-the-ear hearing aids, however, after consultation with my doctor we opted for external hearing aids. I got used to them very quickly, and am most satisfied both with the size of the hearing aids and my perception of sound. Since it is also thanks to you that I have the good fortune to own these, I think it is most appropriate to thank you. I thank you truly from the heart for the financial contribution which enabled me to buy the hearing aids. It is truly amazing how much joy and ease you can bring to one human life. Please accept my thanks one more time.

With best regards

Raková Karolína

Mladá Praha (Young Prague) Festival brought many happy moments

The 24th International musical festival Mlada Praha (Young Prague) has finished and it took place with significant support from the Kolowratek Endowment Fund. Many outstanding, young talented artists from different countries including Japan and Czech republic were presented. Festival, thanks to the classical music, has greatly helped the performers to highlight their talent and to establish friendly and artistic contacts with colleagues from all over the world. The performances by young artists were true artistic experience!


Acknowledgement of DUNCAN CENTER dance conservatory student

Beautiful day, Mrs Kolowrat – Krakowská,

I would like to thank you for what you have done for me and therefore I do honour you greatly with all my heart because it is very hard to find such a person in today´s society and if so, of course you are among those! Since you are a precious and noble lady, I will try not to disappoint you in any way.


Hunters´ ball in Přimda supported by Kolowratek

For the third time, The Hunters´ ball in Primda was ranked among the most important social and cultural events in the region. The organizers – Kolowrat´s forests employees – have tried very hard and prepared very attractive program and rich raffle for their guests.


Mladá Praha (Young Prague) Festival concludes with a final concert in Rudolfinum

The final concert of the International Musical Festival Young Prague, whose general partner for the fifth time is Kolowrátek , was concluded with a gala concert of young artists in Dvořák´s Hall of the Rudolfinum in Prague on September 25th, 2014. The young and talented artists performed works by Carl Maria von Weber, Franz Berwald, Ernest Chausson and Maurice Ravel together with Severočeská filharmonie Teplice (North Bohemian Philharmonic).


Kolowrátek steadfastly and resolutely supports the Young Prague Musical Festival

23rd International Musical festival Young Prague will be held from September 5th until 25th, 2014. Kolowrátek is the general partner of the Festival for the fifth time running. Our Kolowrátek is helping Young Prague by supporting young artists at the beginning of their classical music careers just like in previous years. We look forward to their concert performances. More information available here.


Supporting BIKE ADVENTURE race

Kolowrat´s forests and the Kolowrátek Endowment Fund support the realization of the bicycle race BIKE ADVENTURE. The unusual race organized by USK Praha will be held from July 12th until 13th, 2014 in the area of Český les.

Svijany brewery supported The Kolowrátek Endowment Fund

A ceremonial hand-over of a cheque for the amount of CZK 30.000 donated to the Kolowrátek Endowment Fund took place during the 15th Beer Ball, held on March 21st from 8PM in Dům Kultury in Liberec. The cheque was accepted by JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat – Krakowská, the chairwoman of the Kolowrátek board.


A January benefit concert raised CZK 200.000 for the Endowment Fund

The National theatre soloist, Japanese opera singer Yukiko Šrejmová Kinjo accompanied by pianist Norbert Heller, delighted the audience during the evening in the splendid confines of the extraordinary interior of an originally Romanesque church. Cellist Jiří Bárta performed compositions by Sebastian Bach. Jan Talich performed compositions by Antonín Dvořák in his unique manner. At the end of the program, JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská, the chairwoman of the Board, together with her daughter Francesca, announced the release of Jiří Bárta and Norbert Heller´s CD.


Kolowrátek celebrated its fifth birthday with a concert

The Church of St. Vavřinec below Prague´s Petřín was host to a very exceptional event on Thursday, January 16th. Several world-renowned musicians performed at this benefit concert. Exceptional artists and special guests were all in attendance to honour the fifth anniversary of the foundation of Kolowrátek.


Benefit concert in the Church of St. Vavřinec below Prague´s Petřín

The Kolowrat-Krakowský family and The Kolowrátek Endowment Fund is holding a benefit concert in the Church of St. Vavřinec below Prague´s Petřín on Thursday, January 16th. The concert will become a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the afore - mentioned fund, which was established by Maximilian, Francesca and Dominika on February 26th, 2008 on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the birth of Earl František Tomáš and which continues the family tradition of patronage through its charitable activities.


The Kolowrat forests´s Hunters´ Ball helped the Children´s home in Tachov

The second annual Hunters´ Ball, organized by employees of The Kolowrat forests , took place on Friday, 15th of November 2013 in the hall of the former school in Přimda. The goal was not only to have a good time, but also to support a good cause. Takings from ticket sales, raffle tickets and moufflon auction went through Kolowrátek to the benefit of the Children´s home in Tachov.


Children’s Day for the Tachov Children’s Home

On Saturday 1st June 2013 we invited the children from our children’s home to Prague. Despite the unpleasant weather, we went sightseeing in the centre of our historic capital. We really enjoyed seeing Prague castle and bravely made our way through the hordes of tourists on Charles Bridge and in Old Town Square. At Kolowrat Palace the children had lunch and it was there that they eagerly awaited their surprise.

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