Hiking Trails

The Přimda Nature Trail

Turistické stezky

The Přimda nature trail was opened in June 2003. The trail is 7 kilometers long with 12 educational stations concerning the history of the town of Přimda, and thus the history of the Kolowrat-Krakowsky family. Two stations are dedicated to two very important members of the Kolowrat-Krakowsky family – the brothers Alexandr and Jindřich.

The Kolowrat Nature Trail

The Kolowrat nature trail was opened in 2007 and runs mainly through the territory of the Kolowrat woods. The trail is about 20 kilometers long with 18 educational stations mostly concerning the history or the present of the Kolowrat estate.

  • Highway
  • The Kolowrat woods
  • Mushrooms in the Upper Palatine Forest
  • The new border crossing
  • The protected landscape area Upper Palatine Forest
  • The Kolowrat mining in the Rozvadov area
  • Nature reserve Jezírka in the Rozvadov area
  • The Kolowrat forest railway
  • Diana company
  • Nature Reserve Diana
  • Diana
  • The Diana Sawmill
  • The hoofed game in our region
  • The old brick factory
  • St. Catherine
  • The St. Catherine farm
  • The Highway
  • The old cemetery and the old emperor´s road