Hunting Offers

Nabídka lovu

The forest administration of the Kolowrat woods offers unforgettable hunting experiences in the beautiful surroundings of the Upper palatine Forest.

Hunting Possibilities:

In wilderness areas:

European roe deer – the trophy value up to approxiamtely 150 points
Sika deer, wild boar – upon agreement

Upon request, we will be happy to send you our current price offer.

Accommodation Possibilities:

The Hunting Chalet - the village of Diana

Terms and Conditions for the hunting guests:

  • Each hunter must have a shooting license valid in the Czech Republic and must be properly insured against damage caused by performing the game management rights.
  • Costs will be charged according to the price list, the trophy game animals will be valued according to the international standards CIC.
  • Preservation costs include boiling and bleaching of the trophy.
  • We arrange accommodation for our hunting guests in the hunting chalet (meals not included) or other facilities near the hunting area. Accommodation costs will be charged according to the price list of the relevant facility.
  • Hunting costs will be charged and paid under the hunting protocol. Hunting guests must pay for each hunting event prior to their departure
  • • We do not loan hunting guns or any other hunting tools.