XIX. Ride of Saša Kolowrat

On Saturday, June 15th, the 19th annual Ride of Saša Kolowrat took place in the town of Přimda. The Ride was also organized as a memorial to František Tomáš Count Kolowrat-Krakowský, who founded the tradition of the Ride in 2001. This year’s Ride was additionally exceptional in its commencement, which included the presentation of two bear sculptures, gifted to the city by Maximilian Kolowrat-Krakowský. The bears symbolize a scene from the Přimda town emblem, and were carved by sculptor Tomáš Indra. The international meet of historic vehicles took place in honor of Alexander Josef Count Kolowrat-Krakowský, the legendary automobile and motorcycle racer, aviator, film mogul and philanthropist.

This year’s Ride of Saša Kolowrat included the participation of almost one hundred vintage cars and motorcycles. Among the most interesting exhibits, without a doubt, were a 1916 Ford Model T, which was also the oldest vehicle in the race, and a Triumph Spitfire convertible. Another highlight of this year’s Ride was the presentation of a fully-functional replica of an 1886 Baffrey Steam Car, brought out by enthusiasts from the town of Rokycany. The participants drove a one-hundred-kilometer route near Tachov and the German border areas. The organizer of the entire event was the Auto Moto Veteran Club Český Les, in collaboration with Kolowratovy lesy, a.s., and, as per tradition, under the patronage of the Kolowrat-Krakowský family.