Ludmila Eva Františka Countess Krakowská of Kolowrat – Patron of the Prague Loreto to a greater glory of God

The Prague Sun is the name of the most valuable Czech baroque sunbeam monstrance, made of pure gold and thousands of diamonds, and a part of the Loreto treasure. The diamond monstrance was made to order for the Prague Loreto at the instigation of Ludmila Eva Frantiska Countess Krakowska of Kolowrat, née Hiserl of Chodov, fifth wife of the highest governor and provincial judge, Count Vilem Albrecht I.


František Antonín II. Count Kolowrat-Liebsteinský

František Antonín II. Count Kolowrat-Liebsteinský (1778–1861) is rightfully considered to have been one of the most important personalities in Czech history, influencing political, economic and cultural events in Austria-Hungary. He achieved fame through his support of the national revival movement, patronage activities and entrepreneurial spirit.


Thanks to The Kodl Gallery for the support of Kolowrátek Endowment

The Kodl Gallery organizes the 2nd yearly selling exhibition of the contemporary art entitled “Letní výtvarný salon Kodl Contemporary” (Summer Art Salon Kodl Contemporary). At the exhibition, refined pieces of art of the periods between hyperrealism and abstraction are presented and a part of the proceeds from the sale will be granted to the Kolowrátek Endowment.


František Karel I. Count Liebsteinský of Kolowrat

This spring, let us remember a great and prominent personage of the Kolowrat family, Count Frantisek Karel I. The month of May this year marks almost 400 years from the birth of this important politician, diplomat and patron. He also passed away in the same month, just short of the age of 80.


Daily Fitness in the New Kolowrat Palace Na Příkopě 17

On October 12, 2017, the grand opening of Daily Fitness, the largest state-of-the-art fitness facility in the center of Prague took place. The facility is built into the beautiful and atypical spaces of the New Kolowrat Palace. The gala event was attended by JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská along with other guests.

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