Modrá krev / ‘Blue Blood’

1st part: House of Kolowrat – 26. 1. 2017, at 21:35 on CT2.

The new documentary cycle ‘Blue Blood’ is an excursion into the world of Czech nobility. This Czech television series will present eight important Czech noble families, including their youngest generation, as proud upholders of family history. The documentary also recalls these aristocratic families as an important part of Czech history and how the estates in their care are a crucial part of Czech cultural heritage. Our well-informed guide and presenter is Count František Kinský.

Viewers can view the documentary cycle on their screens every Thursday at 21:35 on ČT2 or on the websites of Czech national television. The very first episode, which aired on 26/1/2017, delved into the history of the Kolowrat family. The whole series is accompanied by elements of history, colourful portraits of aristocratic family members, the fascinating fates of the families and their possessions and, in particular, their sense of humour.

For more details and video see here.

František Kinský and Maximilian Kolowrat-Krakowský