The KOLOWRAT JUNIOR CUP 2013 launched

„We were very satisfied with the first year of the Kolowrat Junior Cup. The level of competition was really high and involved many participants. The competitions judging style were very successful and due to huge interest we had to organize more because we participants were limited to 25 per competition. Not only were children satisfied, but also parents, which makes me doubly happy because we have to say that these junior competitions are mainly about family background and parents, who make it possible for their children to take part in this beautiful sport. The last year of Kolowrat Junior Cup has exceeded my expectations,“ JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská said.

In addition to prize money in the amount of 5.000 Czk for the level of difficulty L and 10.000 Czk for level S, participants can look forward to some valuable prizes. „Winners will receive, for example, an Equiline saddle pad, František Kolowrat Krakovský memorial medals of František Kolowrat Krakovský, who incidentally, would be celebrating his 70th birthday this year, or prizes from the Kolowrat Equestrian Club´s partner – the company Vetoquio. The winner of the S level competition will receive a horse rug. Riders placed second and third will then receive Equest saddle pads or prizes from Kolowrat EC´s partner, again, the company Vetoquiol. Winners of the finals in the categories Children and Junior will receive top class Prestige Meredith jumping saddles and a winner´s rug on top,“ said JUDr. Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská.

And what are the rules of the Kolowrat Junior Cup? The series is open to all riders up to the age of 18 holding a ČJF valid licence. In each of the Česká Pojišťovna Show-jumping Cup´s rounds the organizer will schedule at least three competitions, which will be included in the Kolowrat Junior Cup. After each of the competitions, the results will be calculated and transferred into the ranking chart for riders participating in the series. The winner of „S“ class (medium, 130 cm) will receive 15 points, whilst the winner of „L“ class (easy, 120cm) will only receive 10 points.

Positive points for placings are calculated only for results better than 12 penalty points. In the case that a rider competes with more than one horse in the qualifying competition, only the points for the best placings are calculated. The 20 riders in Category „A“ (children and juniors up to the age of 15 in the given year) and the 20 riders in Category „B“ (juniors 15-18 years of age in the given year), who collected most points in ranking can start in the finals of the Kolowrat Junior Cup. In the finals riders can compete on only one horse, and with whom they scored in at least one qualifying competition. Category „A“ will compete on a course with a level of difficulty „L**“ (120cm), category „B“ on a course with the level of difficulty „S**“ (130cm). In both cases there is one round competition with a final. Further details can be found at