The penultimate weekend in September means the end of the 12th season of the Česká Pojišťovna show-jumping Cup

The denoument of the extra-league series took place September 18th-22nd in Hořovice. This year it became final round for this season of the Kolowrat Junior Cup, in which riders competed in two categories. The twenty best riders lined up at the start of Category A (up to the age of 15) and B (16-18 years of age). The battle for victory in the younger category involved six riders with clear rounds.

The leader of the board Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská, riding Vorieta, gave a great and fast ride. However, at the end of the starting field Denisa Vegrichtová managed to complete the course in an even faster time and the rider trained by Vladimír Mestenhauser won with her horse Jetta. „Originally I did not want to cut the track at so many points. But when I saw Francesca ride, I decided to take an even bigger risk. I have the advantage of a smaller and very sure-footed mare, which Jetta proved today. I am really overjoyed,“ said the winner. This season of KJC was her first.

Seven clear rounds meant seven riders fighting for top place in the older age group. The rider with most points, Jiří Tměj, was among those. However, on the horse Corsika Mag Centrum he suffered two knock-downs and finished seventh. But this year´s champions Anna Kellnerová and Curley Sue confirmed that in the jump-off they are really fast. They were the only ones recording a time under 40 seconds and won by a wide margin. Nina Kaločová with Ebony finished second and third place went to the resident rider from Hořovice, Alexandr Baraldi. „I most feared Jiří Tměj and Tina Šálková, because they are both very skilled and experienced riders and they are both capale of very fast rides. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to avoid making mistakes, but I hope they are both there on the winners´ podium next time – they would certainly deserve it,“ Anna Kellnerová said magnanimously.

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Photographs from the 12th season of the Česká Pojišťovna Show-jumping Cup:

The penultimate weekend in September means the end of the 12<sup>th</sup> season of the Česká Pojišťovna show-jumping Cup
Foto: Michal Linhart