Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská in World Cup in Leszno

Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská, along with other Czech riders, set off for CSI*** - W in Leszno, which is part of the World Cup series. Francesca competed in the Bronze and Silver Tours, where she was very successful.

„I must admit that it was a great event. The arena was beautiful and the atmosphere was great. I really liked it,“ attested Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská.

The current Czech Junior Champion for 2013 took three mares, Vorieta, Nobilis and Zuliantha Fortuna. She was successful from the off. In the Bronze Tour (120 cm) Francesca rode Nobilis and Zuliantha Fortuna, and with both she cleared the course with no knock-downs. She placed 12th in a very strong field of competitors with Zuliantha Fortuna. With Nobilis she finished two places further back with one penalty for exceeding the allowed time.

The rider competed on Vorieta in the class 10 cm higher, where the difference is quite noticeable. For this reason she was satisfied with the result of 8 penalties for two knock-downs. „I have only started to compete with Vorieta at this level. That is why I think that one or two mistakes is still a good achievement,“ added the youngest Czech rider at this event in Poland.

In Saturday´s Bronze Tour round Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská mixed it up with the leaders. Clear rounds in both phases earned her sixth place with Zuliantha Fortuna. In the same class she had one knock-down with Nobilis. The rider added 4 penalty points to her score in the more difficult class of the Silver Tour with Vorieta.

Francesca and Zuliantha Fortuna consolidated their results on Sunday as well, where they again finished with no penalty points and placed tenth. With the other two mares she had two knock-downs each, with Vorieta in the more difficult Silver Tour.

„I have never before competed on such difficult courses. But my mares have done really well, especially Vorieta. I am really happy with the results in the Silver Tour. The Final at 135 cm was built to its limits and was technically very demanding. That is why I am most satisfied with this result, even though I placed better with Fortuna,“ the member of Czech junior national team confided. „But I want to give a special mention to Fortuna´s and Nobilis´s performances as well. This was their second event this year due to health problems and they both jumped really well.“ Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská added.

Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská can continue with her good performances in just two weeks. She will compete with Calista-T, Vorieta and Nobilis at a meeting in Kreuth in Germany.

Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská in World Cup in Leszno