Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská in Wiener Neustadt

The representative of Kolowrat Equestrian Club, Francesca Kolowrat- Krakowska, together with other Czech riders participated in the international show jumping CSI ** event, which took place from15th-20th October in Wiener Neustadt in Austria. Francesca took three horses: Vorieta, Calista - T and Canon.

Francesca rode in the first competition on Thursday. She competed on Canon in the 125cm competition within the Kristall Tour and with no penalty points finished sixteenth. With Calista – T and Vorieta Francesca Francesca participated at 10cm higher within the Emerald Tour (135cm). She completed both courses with 5 penalty points.

And on Friday as well she competed successfully in the competitions of the Kristall and Emerald Tour. Canon jumped again in the Kristall Tour (125 cm). They did not hesitate even the second time and finished 11th, to be the best placed Czech rider in the competition. For the Emerald Tour (135 cm) competition Francesca rode Vorieta and Calista – T again. Grey Calista - T finished again with five penalty points. With Vorieta Francesca managed to complete the course with only one knock down, incurring a penalty of four points.

She ended her Austrian performance on Saturday. She competed with all three horses in the Rubin Tour finals, a competition consisting of two phases with obstacles up to 135cm. Francesca made it to the second phase with Calista -T and with a clear round she finished 11th and was again the best placed Czech rider. With Vorieta and also Canon she finished the first phase with one fault, which, unfortunately, prevented her from continuing to the second phase.

Complete results can be found here.