Francesca Dominika Kolowrat-Krakowská at Olomouc Grand Prix

Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská participated in a show-jumping event in Olomouc, which took place at the modern equestrian facility Equine Sport Center as Ing. Jan Kutěj´s Grand Prix.

Because Francesca competed with the inexperienced horses Zulianta and Nobilis, she rode the so-called Small tour. In the L** level of difficulty the obstacles are at a maximum height of 120 cm.

Saturday meant qualification rounds and Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská cleared the first round with Zulianta and Nobilis incurring no penalties. Zulianta was also clear even in the jump-off, Nobilis had one knock-down.

In Sunday´s final the representatives of the Kolowrat Equestrian Club, as always, gave very good performances – Zulianta and Nobilis cleared the final round without any penalty points.

Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowská tried not only to ride faultlessly, but also in a pleasant and tidy manner. And even though she did not leave the Grand Prix with the title of Best Rider, she can be satisfied with her performances at the Olomouc arena.