Equestrian Gala Evening 2013 at Radio Palace

Yvetta Blanarovičová not only hosted the gala evening, but also sang some of her songs. The guests were entertained by the JEL-BAND orchestra and, after 11 p.m. by famous rider and showman Ludvík Jandourek aka DJ Rodrigo.

Before the announcement of the Czech Equestrian Federation Annual Awards, the organizers of the gala evening awarded four Fair Play Prizes from Jezdci.cz to Jan Pilecký, Vladimír Malák, Ludvík Jandourek and Jaroslav Jindra, for putting sportsmanship before success during the season of 2012. The last mentioned, Jaroslav Jindra, received two nominations, for having pointed out his own mistake, having spared his horse even though he could have achieved good results and, in a similar situation, retiring from the competition. One of the riders, in the spirit of fair play, gave up his right to jump a lowered obstacle, and another helped his rival to get to the competition site, after his car broke down, where he eventually won the competition.

The special award “Rider Despite All” was won by Lukáš Hnát, who had a great season. Miss Barbora Kamírová won the award for Shooting Star 2012 and Mr. Miloslav Šimáček was awarded a prize for organizing the international carriage driving competition in Nebanice.

Mr. Niels Bruynseels, an excellent rider and trainer of Francesca Kolowrat-Krakowska, was a special guest at the gala evening.  

All the original trophies were custom made by the Astera Studio from Nový Bor. All the original trophies were custom made by the Astera Studio from Nový Bor.„The Czech Equestrian Federation Awards trophies are made from crystal blocks and represent the pillars of equestrianism. The upper parts of the blocks are pointed, to symbolize the fact that the trophy belongs to the top of its category. It is all sealed with the sandblasting logo of the Czech Equestrian Federation featuring a knight on his horse,”  said Mr. Josef Malinovský, organizer of the event.  

You can find more information at:  www.jezdci.cz.
Photo by: Michal Linhart

Equestrian Gala Evening 2013 at Radio Palace